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We are hoping to see see you on one of our upcoming conservation missions. We will continue to share more about the challenges of this journey and the big ambitious plans for the future, hoping to encourage others, like yourselves to chase your dreams and never give up.



Doghandler. Photographer. Conservationist. Storyteller

Angie turned  from flying the friendly skies as a helicopter pilot into a storyteller, weaving tales about the last wild places and the passionate people protecting them, then morphed into a documentary and conservation photographer and eventually found herself knee-deep in the paws of some incredible canine companions. Quite the rollercoaster, don't you think? 
It all started with a love affair with Africa – the untamed beauty, the wild stories, and the promise of adventure lurking behind every acacia tree. 
"Watch out," they said. "Africa gets into your blood and doesn't let go." Truer words were never spoken. She was falling in love with the mesmerizing landscapes, enchanting wildlife, the laughter of its people and the untamed spirit that echoed through the savannah.

Why stick around, you ask?

Because dreams are like stubborn bushveld shrubs – they don't wither easily. So she traded the comfort of city lights for the flickering stars above the continent. 
Her mission?

To be the change she wishes to see in this world, one camera click at a time.

She set out to capture stories of bravery, passion, and wonder, of rangers and Africa’s wild places. Today, she is not just a storyteller; but a  proud advocate of the wild and its communities, supporting conservation working with  K9 units, creating unforgettable experiences together with Wilde Tracks while navigating the dense jungles and sprawling landscapes of Africa for African Parks and other private entities or the sun-soaked deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. 
Her soul belongs to our wildlife and its people.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey that blends adventure, people, conservation, and a touch of wild, you've come to the right place. Join Wilde Tracks in celebrating the untamed beauty of our planet and the incredible stories that unfold in the heart of the wild.


Cat rescuer. Conservationist. World Traveller. 


It’s a big leap to join a mission in Africa to save rhinos with someone you haven't met, so we would like to introduce Wilde Track's founder Chloe.

She is British but has been living in the UAE for the last 7 years, and considers both places home. Growing up, she competed in track and road cycling, something her Dad was very proud of, but she had other visions for my future… During school and University, she worked as a gardener and a barista and also gained work experience in a law firm and a pharmaceutical company, but these were all means to an end.

At 17, she raised money to travel to Peru, where she spent a month building an orphanage and helping local communities. She celebrated my 18th birthday at Machu Picchu after a grueling 5-day trek. This sparked her love for travel, leading her to visit 37 countries, including summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

She graduated University on her 21st birthday and two weeks later headed to Shamwari in South Africa to volunteer on their conservation program. Three weeks later, she moved to Dubai as a fresh 21-year-old intern. What was supposed to be a 3-month internship turned into a 7-year career in continuous improvement, advanced technology, and innovation.

Animals and family have always been constants in her life. Her childhood was filled with pets and wildlife adventures. When she moved to Dubai, she started fostering stray cats, which led to adoptions and rescue missions- a beloved cat mom who stayed late to rescue strays in the car park or drove between cities to help transport foster animals.

In 2023, a spontaneous trip to South Africa was a pivotal turning point. Spending time with a wildlife vet and a team of conservationists, she knew this was her calling. She felt a deep inspiration to join the journey of saving endangered wildlife, which led her to found Wilde Tracks.

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