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Into the Wylde

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

"Until you step into the unknown, you don't know what you are made of!" -roy t. bennett

How one continent changed my life...

I AM A DOG HANDLER, ADVENTURER, STORY TELLER & A PHOTOGRAPHER. I fell in love with the African wilderness, following my passion while working on a documentary project, traveling from the South African diversity to the Zimbabwean bush, filming rhino conservation with views of Mount Kenya’s snow capped peak and ending up in the desert, wandering in the footsteps of the legendary desert elephants in a war zone, finding myself and realizing I want more. My journey continued, I found love, I founded a Non profit and spent copious amounts of time dehorning rhinos, patrolling fence lines and working with dogs, camera at hand.

But then life happened. I went through an ugly divorce which, at the end, was most likely the best thing that could have happened. I flew to Malawi to clear my head and had an eye opening experience in Majete Game Reserve, run by African Parks, realizing where I wanted to be as I already knew what I wanted to do- become a certified multipurpose dog handler and join the forces on the ground, protecting our last wilderness areas. Today, I have the opportunity to tell my story, while spending my time with hard working K9s in the bush, currently in the Republic of Congo. I am so grateful for all my friends who accompanied me, dried my tears, shared endless laughter around the camp fire with me and gave me the support needed to follow my dream. My focus is to not only on sharing all the adventures in text and pictures BUT I am also hoping to inspire you to become that girl, who is chasing her dream. (photos: bog photography, clare james photography, nigel kuhn)

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