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Rhino Orphans- filming a documentary

Updated: Jan 26

“Photographs open doors into the past, but also allow a look into the future!” -sally mann

"Babas, Mud Baths, and Heroes: Journey into Rhino Orphanages" Amidst hot summer days and the promise of adventure, the journey into the heart of wildlife conservation began. We visit South Africa's most heart-wrenching sanctuaries—the rhino orphanages. The focus shifts to the tender souls, the babas, who bear the trauma of losing their mothers to brutal attacks. Some wander lost and scared until rescued, their stories echoing the resilience of wildlife in the face of adversity. Behind every orphaned rhino is a story, a unique personality that unfolds under the nurturing hands of caretakers and vet nurses. From those craving attention to the rebels demanding their way, they share a common love—for milk and looooong mud baths followed by endearing burps and grunts. Their carers are unsung heroes work tirelessly, their entire being devoted to the well-being of their charges. Amidst the poaching crisis, they stand as pillars of strength, facing the harsh realities with unwavering commitment. The bonds between humans and rhinos become evident, and the narrative pivots to celebratory moments—the release of rehabilitated rhinos back into the wild. The orphanages become sanctuaries of hope, testaments to the resilience of life amongst all the death.

Catch a glimpse of our time with the little ones (footage: arno smit/ bog photography)

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