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Escape completely

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

"Collect moments. Not things."

Before we began our endless road trips, chasing stories, Clare and I spent some time in Mosselbay. I got to experience the different personalities of the great whites in the bay, we swam with seals (and one grabbed my fin, dragging me around- oh the fun I had (not)), photographed majestic albatrosses, danced through magic forests, hugged elephants in one of the very few sanctuaries, found solace in the bush and on horseback and ended up in our favorite local pub more than once.

After months on the road, I ended up back in Capetown with Clare having to leave back to the UK and myself tired and wondering "what now". I was ready to get on a plane myself and escape back to Europe to clear my head and figure out where to go from here. The city is just not for me. Concrete closing in. Traffic reducing life to snail speed.

People everywhere. But things always happen when you least expect it. One day in early November, I had visitors knocking on my door to drag me on a little photographic adventure - I could finally breathe again. In early December, I did get away to the alps to find twinkling christmas lights, the smell of gluhwine, with snow quietly falling and friends embracing me. (photos: bog photography, andreas maxones photography, clare james photography)

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