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The traveling sisters

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

"Go where you feel the most alive!"

She finally made it. My soul sister, one of my craziest and best friends. She decided (in an absolute moment of insanity) to get into an airplane, leave her little paradise (Hawaii) behind and fly over an ocean and a continent to come join me with her camera and incredible talent, helping me tell a story of heartbreak, beauty and surviving. We hit the ground running. Drinking sundowners while watching endless sunsets , crossing a country from west (the Cape) to east (Zululand), spending time with hippos in lively St. Lucia, playing on endless, white sand dunes as well as joining rangers in the hottest time of the day in the cradle of the white rhino (we did not bring a bottle of water of course - no idea really, what we were thinking- most likely we weren't. We were also getting our hair caught in anything that had thorns (lets not talk about trying to keep quiet while giggling at the same time) trying to keep with the patrol on foot). We were spending time with one of the most passionate rhino vets in the country- and just like that we ended up collaring elephants and chasing rhinos to dehorn- at night we would join the hippos, now roaming through town or we would catch fleeting glimpses of hyenas in the dark, listening to their song. At other times, we would edit footage on the balcony of our room, listening to the warm summer rain softly hitting the ground. Accompanying us was an ever changing team of friends, who decided to support our endeavors so they could dive with us into the world of conservation and the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

(photos: kimberly wood, bog photography)

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