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A wild ride - filming a documentary

Updated: Jan 26

"Go where you feel the most alive!"

"Sundowners, Hippos, and Rhinos: A Journey Across South Africa"

We embark on a vibrant journey across South Africa, where periods of bliss unfold under endless sunsets, spanning from the Cape in the west to the lively Zululand in the east. The heart of our journey led us to the cradle of the white rhino, where we joined rangers during the hottest times of the day. With no water and some hair getting caught in thorns, our commitment to the cause was tested. Yet, every foot patrol became a testament to these rangers dedication (and ours).

Our narrative took an unexpected turn when we spent time with one of the most passionate rhino vets in the country. What started as an exploration led to collaring elephants and participating in the dehorning of rhinos—a hands-on experience in the conservation efforts. Nights were filled with the sounds of hippos roaming through towns and glimpses of hyenas in the dark, serenading us with their haunting song.

Each chapter of our adventure filming this documentary, from sundowners to foot patrols and conservation efforts, is a page in the book of our commitment. As we continue this odyssey, we look forward to the stories yet to unfold, the challenges yet to be faced, and the victories yet to be won in the fight for a safer, wilder world.

(photos: kimberly wood, bog photography)

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