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Life changing places

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

"Africa is not just a place. It is a feeling. Africa is the heart of the world and there are only a few of us who have been touched by her. Africa defines our soul, people can feel it, people just know...." - kevin frazer

There was a time when I had wondered what I was doing here in this place !? Basically lying with my nose in the dirt, not really wanting to get up to face the world, and wondering why I would even ask myself this question! The answer was actually right there- in front of me. Why did I end up here? Because of the events of the last weeks, nah, the last months, no- wait, the last years. You could call it karma, Murphy's law - oh well- or you could just realize, that things won't always turn out as you expected. And then I realized, that there are always silver linings, I did not see at first- but let's stop the "fast forward" and start at the beginning. I was always seeking adventures, wanted to experience life anew every day and see the world through the lens of my camera! I taught first aid to special forces, desperate house wives, soldiers and prison wardens on an US base in Korea, I moved to the States, flew helicopters in America, the Caribbean and Europe, worked as a volunteer on whale conservation boats, swam with dolphins in the deep blue of the ocean, explored jungles and deserts, rode horses on a working cattle ranch, traveled the world and ended up living in the Alps. (photos: bog photography)

I built a life that did not suit me at all.

Then I stepped onto the red earth of Africa, with my camera in hand- and did not want to leave. I was facing a rhino for the first time in my life, walked with giraffes, touched an elephant, watched the sky turn fifty shades of red, sat around a crackling fire with millions of twinkling stars above me and promised to myself that no matter what happens- I will change my life. There are only a few places left, that have what we have here: pure wilderness,

simplicity and tranquility under endless skies. I was restless, always searching for something, chasing dreams that were never meant for me until I embarked on an epic journey through a mesmerizing continent. (photos: bog photography, clare james photography, andreas axones photography)

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