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Roadtrippin’ for a documentary

Updated: Jan 26

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words!” -destin sparks

2015 On a chilly winter's day, our South African escapade took an unexpected turn into the semi-desert realm of the Karoo. Seeking warmth, we stumbled upon a charming lodge, its fireplace offering solace from the unanticipated cold. Little did we know that Africa, known for its scorching sun, had a frosty surprise in store for us, leading to an unforgettable journey into the heart of winter. The landscape transformed into a winter wonderland, with snow-covered peaks and vast stretches of white nothingness. The biting cold seemed at odds with our expectations of an African adventure, prompting us to question the wisdom of our chosen route. In our quest for warmth, we discovered a beautiful lodge that became our haven against the winter's chill. Nestled into the semi-desert, the lodge invited us to thaw our frozen fingers and enjoy the simple pleasures of a hot cup of coffee by the crackling fireplace.

After weeks in the vibrant and green Eastern Cape, our journey led us to a nature reserve tucked away in rolling hills, far removed from the hustle of civilization. Drawn by the desire to develop a photo story on ranger training, we became integral parts of a ranger course—from its inception to the triumphant graduation. Little did we anticipate the challenges that awaited us—grueling training sessions in all weather conditions, icy winds threatening our resolve, cameras held with frozen fingers, witnessing breakdowns, experiencing our own moments of vulnerability, tending to injuries, and navigating the roller coaster of personal and collective struggles. The journey became a test of resilience, commitment, and the unyielding pursuit of a shared dream.

(photos: Clare James Photography)

A glimpse into this story (footage: clare james photography/ bog photography)

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