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Roadtrippin’ again

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words!” -destin sparks


On achilly winter’s day, we ended up this beautiful little lodge, trying to warm up while having a cup of hot coffee at the fire place.

Yup, South Africa can get pretty darn cold, especially when heading into the semi- desert of the Karoo in the height of winter. Not too sure which one of us came up with that plan.

We drove past snow covered peaks and long stretches of white nothingness. And I am thinking that I actually came to Africa, wanting to escape the cold.

After the few busy weeks in the lush and green eastern cape, we were heading to a nature reserve, nestled deeply into rolling hills, far away from civilization as we know it.

Since we were looking to develop the story of Boots on the Ground we had put on paper, we were invited to become part of a ranger course- from the beginning to graduation.

Little did we know that we would witness grueling training in all weather conditions, blown away by icy wind, trying to hold our cameras with frozen fingers, witnessing breakdowns and having some of our own, cleaning out injuries, live through nerve wracking moments of the personal kind, see people leaving and people fighting for their dream. What a roller coaster ride it was.

(photos: Clare James Photography)

A glimpse into this story (footage: clare james photography/ bog photography)

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