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The Documentary

Updated: Jan 26

"The Boots on the Ground: Chronicles of Resilience in the Fight for Wildlife" What began as a photo story soon evolved into a poignant clip, and now stands on the precipice of becoming a short documentary—a testament to the relentless dedication of anti-poaching rangers, conservationists, and those whose hearts beat in unison with the pulse of wildlife. It is more than a project; it's a journey into the sometimes heartbreaking, yet profoundly inspiring, world of those on the front lines of conservation. The documentary emerged from the desire to capture the unseen struggles and unwavering passion of those fighting for wildlife. This powerful story encapsulates the essence of a cause larger than any single individual. The project took us on a global odyssey, embedding us with anti-poaching rangers in Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. It pushed boundaries further as we became part of a combined military-anti-poaching force in the perilous landscapes of Mali. The result was not just footage—it was a mosaic of stunning visuals, unforgettable memories, and a profound insight into a world that few will ever witness.

We are feeling hope for a better world, fueled by the unwavering spirit of those on the ground who refuse to surrender to the challenges they face.

A glimpse into the making of a documentary: (filmed by: bog photography, clare james photography, nigel kuhn photography, kimberly Wood, andreas maxones photography)

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